Egham Residents Association

Privacy Policy

Who we are:

The Egham Residents Association supports the interests of the people of Egham by encouraging active participation by residents on issues that affect the future of our town and co-ordinating involvement in community events.

We hold the following personal data on current members, collected annually through our membership form at the time of joining or renewal:

What information we hold


Postal address


Telephone No (This only applies to members that pay by Square, as it is a requirement

                 of Square)

How we use this information

We use this data to contact members for the purpose of disseminating ERA news

(including email news updates and the quarterly ERA newsletter), keeping members informed of ERA activities, asking for help at local or relevant events and maintaining the membership role.

This data is held only on current members and shall not be revealed to any third party.


Data is stored securely (electronically and password protected) and only the relevant committee members have access.

Your right to withdraw information

Any member may at any time view, amend or delete their personal data by contacting the Membership Secretary: or ERA Secretary:, Tel: 07956-875329

If you would like a copy of this policy (click on the button below:) Or if you have any questions please make contact as above or ask any committee member.

Privacy Policy